About Us

GlobeDrifting is a travel destination shaped by the first-hand experiences of Hayley and Michael — a married couple who share a passion for new experiences.

Our initial goal was to simply inspire others to ‘Follow the Wind and Travel the Globe,’ but we quickly realized that we care too deeply about this planet to advocate travel without responsibility.

The main focus of GlobeDrifting will always be to show you the insanely beautiful nooks and crannies of the world we live in, and the incredible people in it.

Afterall, we want to make you happy!

We want to inspire awe in you.

We want you to see our photos and know that the world is endlessly beautiful.

We want you to read our posts and say to yourself, “Wow, I can actually go to these places!”

But we’ve also seen the tremendous damage that is being done to the places we love.

Our goal will always be to inspire travel, but our mission is to make sure the places that inspired us are still around for years to come.