We happened upon the canyon overlook trail on our last full day of our quick 5 day trip through some of Utah’s best parks. We were driving on our way to the Majestic View Lodge in Springdale UT, from Zion National Park’s eastern entrance. We hit a slowdown on our way into a tunnel…a stubborn goat refusing to move, of course, the only source of national park traffic.

overlook canyon clouds

We saw cars parked on the side of the road near a trailhead. And figuring that we had 30 minutes or so until sunset we decided to park and run as fast as we could to the overlook. The trail is just a mile round trip, so we knew we would be okay even without headlamps.

One of the best travel decisions we’ve ever made. I wish we had had more time to linger (bring headlamps!) The canyon overlook trail is a short, easy hike with big payoffs. You’ll want to make time for this trail no matter how short your time in Zion. This trail is no secret, and there were probably 20 or so people at the top. You can even see them in this photo. But there is plenty of space and you won’t feel crowded at all.

zion overlook canyon trees

We stayed at the top for a while, admiring the view from every angle. And taking lots of photos! We could have stayed longer, but we were worried about it getting too dark for our drive back to the hotel.

zion overlook canyon view

If you’re planning to hike the canyon overlook trail, the trailhead is immediately east of the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel by the ranger booth. Most people shouldn’t have a problem on this trail, including children.